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To Be Healthy

Founder & Chairman, Vicent Lee

The story started in my Childhood when my younger sister PanPan held her dying dog tightly to offer more warmth on a sunny afternoon. Ever since her dog died from an unknown infected disease, PanPan never adopted any more pets. If there is a good special pet hospital in our county, maybe her dog can be saved. Then I started Panbio in Shenzhen, China in 2013.

Panbio provides in vitro veterinary diagnostic products to veterinary practices, including state-of-the-art pet rapid tests and bench-top laboratory systems to enhance the health and well-being of pets.

As our important family members, pets are deserved professional, accessible & necessary diagnostic services and health care to eliminate the regret in our life.


To Be Happy

Like our kids, they need health, but also fun & comfort.

Then we acquired some creditable pet supplies factories and established the pet supplies R&D and design team. Most of our team members are pet owners, so the pet fun and safety are marked in our DNA. We live and breathe caring for them, studying pet behaviours closely, then design, test and improve each pet supplies thousands of times in our lab and outdoor park.

Putting our passion for pets, partnering with global customers to be a reliable pet supplies manufacturer that combines of latest pet behaviour research, material technology, and pet parents’ demand. Throughout our supply chain, applying medical grade, all natural, limited ingredients & materials, Panbio is dedicated to building happy and healthy lifestyles between pets and people.

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