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Multifunctional Doggy Toy
Multifunctional Doggy Toy
Multifunctional Doggy Toy
Multifunctional Doggy Toy

Multifunctional Doggy Toy

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It is a multi-functional pet product that combines pet dishes and toys. Dogs lightly press the top position, the bottom of the toy 4 leak food channels can easily randomly transfer a number of dog food. Dog food falls on the tower ramp for dogs to eat, can slow down the daily eating speed to protect the dog’s gastrointestinal health. It also serves as a temporary feeding supply for dogs when they are home alone. Let the dog in the process of daily eating to increase the fun and play the effect of education.

ColorBlack blue, black yellow, red blue, yellow purple
Length4.57in (116mm)
Width4.57in (116mm)
Height4.61in (117mm)
Weight0.79oz (413g)

Multifunctional doggy toy


Multifunctional Doggy Toy

This is the multifunctional doggy toy with endless fun, it's a perfect combination of chewing function teeth cleaning strange interesting and attractive sound taking it in the chase and fetch games, and other functions. The toy offers endless happiness from different ways to doggies.
Multifunctional doggy toy


Chewing and Teeth Cleaning Function

A brand new design of irregular meteorite shape chewing blocks, during playtime, the toy will help doggies to clean its incisors, sharp teeth and molars, playing while brushing it deeply, an effective way to remove different kinds of food residue. dirt and tartar, covering the full protection to doggy's teeth and dental health.

Multifunctional doggy toy


Interesting Squeaky Design

Inside the toy, we have a sound device with it, during playtime, the chew ball will be bounced or shaken around, there are 3 sound devices inside the toy, when the sound device in different parts or directions, it will make the different squeaky sound in different volume, this is the way to hold doggy's attention for playing it.

Multifunctional doggy toy


New Idea of Design & New production Concept

The toy is produced by covering soft texture Thermoplastic Rubber(TPR) from outside, hard texture ABS plastic (ABS) inside, it provides different experiences of playing this toy to our buddy.

Multifunctional doggy toy


Extremely Durable and Hard to Destroy

The outside part is made of high-quality Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), which will help this chew ball to be more smash-resistant bite-resistant, the inside part is made of ABS plastic (ABS), it's beneficial to the sound device inside this toy, you don't need to worry about sharing this toy to your doggies for the long term, no damage at all.

Multifunctional doggy toy


Easy to Use

The toy can be used in a simple way, we can use it indoors or outdoors. During playtime, this product will help doggies to brush their teeth, covering the whole protection every second. But considering doggy's dental health, we suggested that you should share this toy with your doggies less than 20-30 mins a day.

Multifunctional doggy toy


Offering Endless Happiness

The toy is very easy to use, not just offering endless happiness for doggies without the companion from doggy's owner or keeping them away from daily boring mood, reduce anxiety caused by loneliness, preventing home furniture, clothes and else from getting destroyed by doggies, endless fun experiences for doggies to engage.

Multifunctional doggy toy

Main Part of the Multifunctional Doggy Toy

Length: 4.57in, Width: 4.57in, Height: 4.61in, Total weight: 0.79 oz

Multifunctional doggy toy

Product size116*116*117m (4.57in*4.57*4.61in)
Package size120*120*122mm
Quantity27 pcs/Carton
Carton size40*40*46cm
Net weight11.2kg
Gross weight11.2kg
MOQ100 pcs
Customized logo(Min. order 500 sets)
Customized packaging(Min. order 500 sets)
Graphic customization(Min. order 500 sets)
Shipping cost: to be negotiated

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Multifunctional Doggy ToyMultifunctional Doggy Toy

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