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Dog Feeder Toy, Fun Food Catapult
Dog Feeder Toy, Fun Food Catapult
Dog Feeder Toy, Fun Food Catapult
Dog Feeder Toy, Fun Food Catapult
Dog Feeder Toy, Fun Food Catapult
Dog Feeder Toy, Fun Food Catapult

Dog Feeder Toy, Fun Food Catapult

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It is a multi-functional pet product that combines pet dishes and toys. Dogs lightly press the top position, the bottom of the toy 4 leak food channels can easily randomly transfer a number of dog food. Dog food falls on the tower ramp for dogs to eat, can slow down the daily eating speed to protect the dog’s gastrointestinal health. It also serves as a temporary feeding supply for dogs when they are home alone. Let the dog in the process of daily eating to increase the fun and play the effect of education.

Colorblue (with red), yellow, white
Length6.7in (171mm)
Width6.71in (171mm)
Height7.28in (186mm)
Weight34.22oz (1080g)

Dog Feeder Toy


Fun Feeding Supplies

This is a multifunctional pet product that combines the function of pet tableware and pet toy. This is not only a tableware product that can slow food leakage, but also an educational toy that improves dog's intelligence.Dog Feeder Toy


Fun Food Catapult Design

When the dog gently presses the button on the top, numbers dog food can be easily and randomly dropped out through four leakage channels at the bottom, and the food can be provided on the tower-shaped food slope. This function can slow down the speed of feeding and keep dog's gastrointestinal health.

Dog Feeder Toy


Prevent Food Stuck In

Original design of the food outlet structure can completely prevent food or snacks from getting stuck when dropping.

Dog Feeder Toy


Puzzle Toy Function

Dog is guided to tap the button on the top of the product by its paw to get food or snacks, which is a reward to dog's behavior. By doing this, this product can attract dog's interest, improve dog's intelligence, and relieve dog's daily anxiety when they need company of owner.

Dog Feeder Toy


Transparent Granary

The design of semi-transparent visual granary is able ownerto know the food storage situation in the granary at any time.

Dog Feeder Toy


Design of Anti-falling

There are 4 non-slip rubber pads on the bottom. Each product comes with four suction cups that can be installed or removed. The suction cups can be correspondingly fixed inside the card slot at the bottom, and then being absorbed to the ground, which will not be knocked over by dogs in daily use.

Dog Feeder Toy


Emergency Feeding Supplies

If the owner needs to be out for a while but still worries about his dog cannot be feeded on time, this product is helpful to be used as a temporary feeding supplies, to allow dog to be feeding during playing.This product can also be used by many dogs at the same time.

Dog Feeder Toy

Main Part of the Dog Feeder Toy

Length: 6.7in, Width: 6.7in, Height: 7.28in, Total weight: 34.22 oz

Dog Feeder Toy

Product size171*171*186m (6.7in*6.7*7.28in)
Package size175*175*192mm
Quantity18 pcs/Carton
Carton size53.5*53.5*40cm
Net weight19.4kg
Gross weight20.4kg
MOQ100 pcs
Customized logo(Min. order 500 sets)
Customized packaging(Min. order 500 sets)
Graphic customization(Min. order 500 sets)
Shipping cost: to be negotiated

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Dog Feeder Toy, Fun Food CatapultDog Feeder Toy, Fun Food Catapult

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