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Leaky Food Toys, Slow Feeder
Leaky Food Toys, Slow Feeder
Leaky Food Toys, Slow Feeder
Leaky Food Toys, Slow Feeder
Leaky Food Toys, Slow Feeder
Leaky Food Toys, Slow Feeder
Leaky Food Toys, Slow Feeder
Leaky Food Toys, Slow Feeder

Leaky Food Toys, Slow Feeder

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This is a multifunctional cat and dog universal leaky toy. No need for an electric drive; the toy wheel design can move by itself during the pet’s play. Toy bottom self-weighting design, using a self-weighting balance system, no matter how shaking under the external force of pet play, will not fall over. And combined with the leaky food hole settings, in the process of pet play, dropped snacks increase the interest of pet play and improve intelligence.

Colorblue, yellow, green
Length5.75in (146mm)
Width3.03in (77mm)
Height4.80in (122mm)
Weight0.57lb (260g)

Leaky Food Toys

Multi-function Puzzle Toy

The toy has a wheel design and the appearance of a dog. It mobilizes the dog's body and brain, giving him both emotional and physical pleasure while meeting his instinct to obtain food.

Leaky Food Toys


Rocking and Sliding Tumbler

This toy adopts a self-balancing system without an electric drive; it will move back and forth with the pet's gently touch; the anti-rollover design increases the fun of the toy.


Leaky Food Toys


Get Snacks by Playing

The front and rear of the toy are designed with two food leak holes, supporting most of the sizes of dog kibbles and snacks on the market. When the dog pushes the toy, kibbles leak out of the toy as it slides forward or backwards, and the dog is rewarded with treats through his efforts, which fully stimulates his brain development and improves his intelligence.

Leaky Food Toys

Easy to Add Food

Twist 45° clockwise to directly open the granary and directly add pet kibbles or treats. After adding the proper amount of pet food, spin counterclockwise to close the granary cover and then for pets to play directly. It can also be rotated 90o clockwise to turn off the food dispensing function and then used directly as a sliding toy for your dog.

Leaky Food Toys

Made From Safe Materials

The product is made from food-grade ABS without any Bisphenol A, PVC or Phthalates, it completely protects the health of your dog, you can rest assured for your dog to use. Very easy to clean the outside and inside with warm and soapy water and dry it with a towel.

Leaky Food ToysEasy to Use

This toy is easy to use, and for direct indoor or outdoor use without installation.

Leaky Food Toys

Pets Favorite Toy

This toy can substitute the owner's accompany, to exercise your pet, relieve his daily worries, increase his happiness, improve his IQ, to make your pet more intelligent.

Leaky Food ToysLeaky Food Toys

Length: 5.75in, Width: 3.03in, Height: 4.80in, Weight: 0.57lb


Product size146*77*122mm
Package size151*82*127mm
Quantity60 pcs/Carton
Carton size57*48*42cm
Net weight18.3kg
Gross weight19.7kg

MOQ: 100 pcs

Shipping cost: to be negotiated

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Leaky Food Toys, Slow FeederLeaky Food Toys, Slow Feeder

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