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What Should You Do If A Cat Hhas Severe Hair Loss?

Your cat has serious hair loss!

Most cats are shedding hair, but the severity of the hair loss is different, but not because the cat itself will shed hair; cats appear to have unusual hair loss when not observing the reasons for the cat hair loss; in fact, cat hair loss is particularly serious may also be due to illness, so the owner must be careful to observe.

The owners must carefully observe their cats to ensure they are healthy.
Cat hair loss is serious. How to do it?

1. Supplemental Nutrition

Want to relieve the cat’s hair loss, then the owner should give its skin and hair supplemental nutrition. Usually, you can give it some meat, and it is fed some salmon and carrots.
So that the cat’s hair will also look good, and can also relieve the amount of hair loss!

2. Let the Cat Get More Sunshine

Pet owners can usually let their cats get more sunshine, which can promote the absorption of calcium substances and vitamin D in the cat’s hair, which is very helpful to the cat’s health and can also relieve hair loss.

3. Regular Deworming

When cats have ringworm, mites, fleas, and other conditions, it can also cause a lot of hair loss. This is a common skin disease; cats scratch their skin through claws when itchy. To avoid hair loss in cats, remember to ensure that deworming is done properly, and it is best to do it once a month.

4. Can’t Feed too Salty Food

The salt intake of cats is 1/5 of humans. Excessive salt intake will lead to hair loss in cats, especially human food. The lack of nutrition of the hair is also accelerating the serious phenomenon of hair loss, so it is recommended to usually choose some cat food containing deep-sea fish oil as the main food for cats.

5. Grooming Hair

The owner is best to help the cat comb the hair for fifteen minutes every day, which can relieve hair loss and promote blood circulation, a great help to the cat’s health.

Usually, in addition to combing the hair, the number of baths should not be too many; once a month is good!

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