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6 Reasons for Corgi Tail Docking, Health or Beauty?

Speaking of corgis, the impression is that its tiny short legs and big buttocks make people feel very cute. However, we may all find a phenomenon that many Corgi do not have tails because corgi tail docked as a child.

Some people may wonder: why was corgi tail docked as a child? Here’s a look at why.

1. Following the Trend

Some people dock Corgi’s tails because they see other corgis without tails, so they follow suit. As for whether your dog’s tail should be amputated, you should think carefully about it to avoid hurting corgi blindly.

2. Make Corgi Look Better

After docking corgi’s tail, corgi can show off his big ass, highlighting his sexy peach buttocks. Many people liked its big ass so much that they docked it. When walking, the corgi with the tail docked, and the big butt attracts people’s attention.

3. To Reduce the Risk of Bullying

Dog owners know that a dog’s tail is essential to expressing emotions, and the different states of their tails can show their mental activities.  Because corgi is short, resisting danger is difficult, and they will hang down its tail to show fear and submission.  Therefore some people have to dock the tail of the corgi to protect the dog from being bullied.

4. Requirements ofSome Organizations

One of the reasons corgi tails are clipped around the world is that many clubs believe that the shorter the corgi’s tail, the better. In other words, only a corgi without a tail is a real corgi. Many clubs require only tail-docked corgis to compete.

5. The Need for Work

Corgi’s former job as a cattle dog would have been an inconvenience if he had a long, furry tail. Cattle could easily step on his tail, causing injury or even broken bones. The habit of corgi tail docking was left behind to avoid damage to the corgi.

6. Reducing Bacterial Infections

Because corgis like to sit on the floor, it causes their bodies to get dirty quickly. Especially after a bowel movement, a corgi’s tail is especially prone to feces, which can easily lead to a lot of bacteria and body odor. A docked tail on a corgi will prevent bacterial growth and reduce odor.

In addition to corgis, many small dogs need to be docked. Because the bones of small dogs are relatively fragile, and small dogs are also more playful if they accidentally hurt their tails when fighting with other dogs so, cut off part of their tails, and they will not be caught when fighting. The tail affects performance.

Corgi tail docking is controversial, and there are certain pros and cons to tail docking that you need to understand before making the right choice for your dog!

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