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Why Does My Dog Pee Everywhere? 5 Resons

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Why do so many dogs pee in the house? In addition to the puppy factor, today, share why dogs like to pee everywhere in the home while telling you the solution.


5 Reasons Why Dogs Pee Everywhere

1. The Dog Feels Excited

Some dogs will pee on the floor when they are overly excited. This can happen when you return home from work, have new visitors, or wait for a toy, snack, or exercise (such as a walk). Often, your dog will swing his body, jump and pee in other states of excitement.

2. Obedience or Fear

Dogs will urinate submissively when they are overly fearful. Submissive urination occurs most often in puppies but can occur in dogs of all ages, usually when they are scolded or in uncomfortable or frightening situations.

3. Problems with Irregular Bowel Movements

Dogs must learn to defecate in the right place. If the dog has not learned this lesson, pooping indoors may simply be due to a habit that has not yet been developed.

4. Marking Behavior

Do dogs pee in specific areas around the room? Like the corner of the couch or the shoe, you left by the door? Your dog is marking Ta’s territory to solidify his social status in the pack.

5. The Dog is Sick

Any time a dog poops indoors, especially if the behavior is new, it is important to consider if it results from a health problem in your dog. Urinary tract infections, bladder stones and crystals, cystitis, kidney failure, Cushing’s disease, and diabetes can all trigger indoor pooping.

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